Cllr backs ‘Why Stop at Ellon’ campaign

Councillor Tom Malone
Councillor Tom Malone

A Buchan councillor has given his backing to the Ellon to Peterhead A890 ‘Why Stop at Ellon’ campaign.

Councillor Tom Malone has written to Transport Secretary Keith Brown highlighting the “urgent and long overdue need” for the Scottish Government to recognised that the A90 between Ellon and Peterhead should be made into a dual carriageway.

Cllr Malone says: “ The AWPR is now eventually progressing and reaches from Aberdeen to Tipperty.

“However, while that links Aberdeen to Ellon as a dual carriageway, it still leaves the rst of the A90 from Ellon to Peterhead as a single carriageway that has seen no development in at least 70 years other than the short section some 15 years ago to improve the hazardous Hatton bends.

“Peterhead is the biggest town in Aberdeenshire and is the largst deep water white fish port in Europe.

“The town with a population of 18,000 and a catchment area of 40,000 has long established itself as a key centre, not only for fishing but also in its substantial support for the oil and gas sector.

“Peterhead’s main reputation continues to attract major investment, including a £40m development at the harbour and the prospect of a multi-million pound globally significant Carbon Capture and Storage plant and the newly opened Scottish MaritimeAcademy aswell as the nationally innovative 500 plus community facing HMP Petrhead.

“This naturally places the town of Peterhead at the hub of the Energetica Corridor masterplan which aims to attract billions in investment and innovation and capital into the Aberdeenshire and wider Scottish infrastructure and economy.”

Cllr Malone says despite this he understands that the Scottish Government has absolutely no plans to bring the A90 from Ellon to Peterhead up to an acceptable, safe and fit-for-purpose standard.

“The fact is that without the dualling of this remaining section of the A90, the Energetica vision just cannot be realised because the road is simply not fit for purpose,” he says.

“There is already a considerable volume of commercial and industrial traffic using that route daily.

“It is currently no uncommon for the 45-minute journey from Peterhead to Aberdeen to take tw0-and-a-half hours at peak times.

“Subsequently, the many key workers serving the oil and gas industries who live in and around Peterhead currently have several hours unnecessarily added to their work day. This situation can only get worse.”

He adds: “The stretch of road is currently not fit for purpose. Furthermore the situation is wholly detrimental to the future development and commercial potential of this key economic area of north-east Scotland.

“I wish to request, therefore, that the Scottish Government will now consider including the upgrading of this section of the A90 as a matter of urgency when planning its current national road network priorities.”

Cllr Malone is urging Peterhead residents to support the campaign by going to the Facebook page ‘Why Stop at Ellon’ and registering their ‘like’.

Readers can also give their support by sending a brief email direct to the transport minister at