Call to extend A90 Dualling

Councillors Alan Gardiner, Gillian Owen and Tom Malone
Councillors Alan Gardiner, Gillian Owen and Tom Malone

THREE North-east politicians have joined together to start a campaign to extend the dualling of the A90 from Ellon to Peterhead.

Councillors Tom Malone, Peterhead South and Cruden, Alan Gardiner, Peterhead North and Rattary, have teamed up with Gillian Owen, Ellon and District, in a bid to have the 18 miles of the busy and dangerous stretch of road to the north of Ellon added to the scheduled dualling from Balmedie to Ellon.

‘’Why stop at Ellon?’’ asked Mrs Owen who believes that the an extension of the proposed plan makes sense, given the importance of the Energetica Corridor to the area.

‘’Having driven to Peterhead on numerous occasions, it is clear that the road is busy enough to warrant an upgrade.

“I am truly amazed that there is talk of opening up a railway which would cost huge amounts of money when the real answer is to get the dualling done right up to Peterhead.’’

Councillor Malone threw his weight behind the case for dualling when he said: “The North-east corner has been sadly overlooked and under represented for decades.

“It is crucial that plans for a fit for purpose transport network are now urgently pursued.’’

Councillor Gardiner said: ‘’It is not logical to stop the dualling at Ellon, the flow of traffic does not stop there, plus the fact there has been a number of nasty accidents on the section beyond Ellon.

“There is a steady flow of heavy goods vehicles coming from Peterhead Harbour where a large number of companies have based themselves.

“We must do all we can to preserve these jobs, while making the road safer, dualling the A90 would fulfil that role.’’

All three made the case for an improved economy in the Buchan area as Mrs Owen said: ’’Peterhead’s economy could only improve were a better quality road to be in place.’

The trio urged the Scottish Government to take the issue aboard and include in the tender for the AWPR and the dualling from Balmedie to Ellon.

‘’It makes sense to have all three projects under the one umbrella,’’ added Mrs Owen.