Businessman’s concern over car park misuse

Misuse of the Broad Street car park has been mentioned by worried locals
Misuse of the Broad Street car park has been mentioned by worried locals

A Peterhead businessman has voiced his concerns that the car park on the town’s Broad Street is being misused.

Owner of the Knit Hoose and Bait & Tackle shop, Tony Miller, is fearful that people may end up getting hurt due to cars, vans and even lorries cutting through the car park instead of driving right round.

He said: “There are innumerable times when I have been crossing to and from the Clydesdale Bank when I have been extremely close to being injured by cars cutting through the car park, and I have twice been struck by wing mirrors.

“We have also had several of our customers complain of nearly being knocked down whilst crossing the road due to this problem. This is not just on rare occasions, but on a very regular basis and, as some of them are elderly, my wife Linda and I fear that it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured.”

The couple’s daughter, Denise, has also been close to being hurt. She said: “I was crossing when a car actually ran over my foot whilst the edge of the bumper hit my other leg. I had my hand on the bonnet which gave the driver a shock.”

Most of the incidents happen outside their shop and Tony admits he regularly sees people cutting through. He added: “It is worse in the mornings, at lunchtime and evenings when people are in a rush.

“I have complained to the council about it but nothing has ever been done. They should put in bollards or something to stop people doing this.

Councillor Anne Allan popped into the shop recently to speak to Tony about the issue and said: “I personally saw three vehicles cross the parking area within the space of a couple of minutes.”

His concern has been voiced to the Head of Roads within the council and Tony is hoping that something will be done.