Councillor hits out at “dangerous” road repair on A90

The repair work on the A90
The repair work on the A90

An Ellon and District councillor has contacted BEAR Scotland in the hope that permanent repairs will be carried out on the A90.

Cllr Gillian Owen recently contacted the firm regarding the deteriorating road surface close to the Auchmacoy turn-off.

BEAR Scotland has since carried out remedial work however on a journey to Peterhead at the weekend, cllr Owen found that the road was in a “dangerous condition”.

She said: “The road was almost undriveable, you had to reduce speed sharply, I was concerned that cars who may swerve to avoid the extremely poor road service could cause other concerns.

“I also believe in the long term we could see damage done to people’s cars.

“The road surface will only get worse.

“I have again contacted BEAR Scotland to draw to their attention that more permenant remedial action is urgently needed.”

Cllr Owen added: “I was flabbergasted to read that the Scottish Government is looking at plans for a national pothole quango. We have a situation on the A90 where the works are contracted and this does not work effectively.

“Aberdeenshire has its problems but in my experience when reporting potholes most of them are dealt with in a short space of time. This may only be a temporary fix and that is where the problem lies.

“I know from my discussions with Officers regarding problems in my Ward that there is a long list for permenant remedial work, and bad weather only adds to that.

“We need to do more but until the Scottish Government recognises that by continually underfunding our Council they do not help us achieve what we should.

“Lets have no more talk about a centralised quango, that has not worked with the Police or other services.”