Toon teenager’s abseil challenge for China charity trip

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A Peterhead teenager will abseil down a 164 foot crane in Glasgow as she attempts to raise money for an expedition to China to help a local village.

Aylie Donohue, 15, will brave the Titan Crane to help fundraise for her World Challenge China 2017 trip which she hopes to embark on next year.

Aylie said: “I want to do it because I want to help kids and I want to be a children’s nurse when I’m older.

“I want to travel the world and help folks and make a difference.”

The World Challenge are school expeditions where students must fundraise money so they can take on a trip of a lifetime, trekking for a week through their chosen destination.

The students then start work on the project phase of their trip where the challengers must work in local community or conservation projects in rural or remote areas.

Aylie said: “I decided to do the abseil because it was different and I didn’t see anyone trying to do it.”

The young daredevil hopes that her abseil will help her realise her ambition to travel to China and help local communities.

The students can spend up to two years planning and training for their trip as they go through fitness and acclimatisation to prepare them for their journey.

Michelle Griffiths, Aylie’s mum, said: “What she is away to do takes a lot of guts for a 15-year-old but I must say I am very proud of her.”

To sponsor Aylie you can make a contribution at or visit Aylie Donohue world challenge China 2017.