Toon director’s Scorsese show to be aired tonight

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Jon S. Baird, the Hollywood director who hails from the Blue Toon, will have his episode of the Martin Scorsese TV series Vinyl aired on Sky Atlantic this evening at 9pm.

The HBO show about the music scene in 1970’s New York allowed Jon to work with Scorsese, one of his great influences when it comes to filmmaking.

He said: “He was a director who influenced me and many others.

“He’s probably the most knowledgeable person about film on the planet.”

The director said that although Scorsese was the man who directed the pilot show he wasn’t “precious” about the show and allowed filmmakers like Baird to put their own stamp on each episode.

Also airing this month is the UK TV premier of Baird’s adaptation of the Irvine Welsh novel Filth.

The film starring James McAvoy will be shown on April 14 and Jon is hoping that it’s a chance for anyone who might have missed it in the cinema to see his film - though he concedes most may already have.

The former Peterhead Academy pupil said: “I was very fortunate that the people of the North East of Scotland came out and supported it.

“Extremely grateful.”

Jon’s next big project will be his Laurel and Hardy biopic starring John C. Rielly and Steve Coogan.

The director is currently scouting locations for the film and looking at actors for the other principle roles and then he hopes to starts shooting at the end of the year.

Before that begins Baird will keep himself busy with more TV work, highlighting the current trend of filmmakers and film stars taking up major television roles.

He said: “The standards of scripts on TV now are as good as they are on film.”

Jon added: “The type of scripts I like doing are mainly found on TV.”

Jon expects the Laurel and Hardy project to take about a year or a year and a half to complete but in the meantime he is always on the lookout for new script ideas.

He is currently collaborating with Irvine Welsh on an adaptation of the Walter Scott classic Ivanhoe.