The two exotic pets that time forgot

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The Scottish SPCA’s Aberdeenshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre is seeking loving homes for two pre-historic looking pets who feel like they’ve been left in the past.

Carol, a yellow bellied terrapin, has spent just under nine months in the charity’s care while Theodora, a Mississippi mud turtle, has been waiting for a home for almost eight months.

Because the girls are constantly overlooked by visitors to the centre, staff are beginning to fear Carol and Theodora might never be given the chance to enjoy life in a happy home.

Assistant Manager Debbie Innes said, “Many people don’t realise that we rescue all types of animals, not just cats and dogs.

“Unfortunately this means our exotic pets are often overlooked and Carol and Theodora are feeling the effects of this.

“It’s heartbreaking to see animals languishing in rescue centres when it’s obvious that they were, at one time, somebody’s pet but sadly they are now homeless.

“We don’t want Carol and Theodora to become the pets that nobody wants and we won’t lose hope that we can find them good homes.”

The Scottish SPCA rescued Carol and Theodora after they were both found outdoors on their own alone.

Debbie explained, “Carol was found hiding in bushes after being left to fend for herself in a park.

“Terrapins cannot survive outdoors on their own and she would have been frightened and bewildered.

“Although she’s now safe and healthy it’s very sad to see Carol without a home after more than 9 months in our care.

“She’s an easy going girl who loves swimming and basking and she’d love to be offered a home with someone who understands how to care for her.

“Theordora owes her life to a young school boy who found her trapped in a frozen puddle. It was touch and go whether she would pull through but she is a wee survivor and she’s now a very fit and healthy little turtle.

“After everything the girls have been through we’d love to find them both the forever homes they need where they will be given the tender loving care they deserve.

“They might look like something out of the prehistoric era but both Carol and Theodora deserve to have bright futures so we hope someone will come forward and offer them good homes where they can live full and happy lives.”

Anyone interested in offering Carol and Theodora a home can call the Scottish SPCA Animal Helpline on 03000 999 999 and ask to be connected to the Aberdeenshire Centre.