The dark past of Buchan revelaed

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A Peterhead author has released a new book detailing the both beautiful and dark past of inland Aberdeenshire and Buchan.

Dr Fiona-Jane Brown wrote Hidden Aberdeenshire: The Land about the many legends, battles and characters that make up the history of the area.

Dr Brown said: “I just like telling the stories and getting them out there getting people involved in their local history.”

Hidden Aberdeenshire: The Land is a collection of findings from different parts on the inlands of the area.

There’s the story of the Admiral’s Folly in Fetterangus and the Battle of Aikey Brae at Old Deer.

One of Dr. Brown’s favourite stories involves James Fleeman, who would have been seen as jester type in times gone by.

A passionate historian, The Land is Dr Brown’s third book about Aberdeenshire following on from The Coast.

She says that every book she writes tells her something different about that area of land.

Dr Brown said: “The people of inland Aberdeenshire seem to be a lot more war like and wild than the people of the coast.”

As such you can expect tales of murder and intrigue set among the many castles that dot the countryside.

Hidden Aberdeenshire: The Land will be published on November 11.