Teens speak out at the Harvest Church

The missionary team inspired the people of Peterhead with their life-changing stories last week.
The missionary team inspired the people of Peterhead with their life-changing stories last week.

PETERHEAD’s Harvest Church welcomed a visit from a group of youths for an outreach event last week.

A missionary team from the Teen Challenge School of Ministry in Amanford, Wales, visited the church last Wednesday and told locals their life-changing stories of how both God and Teen Challenge have transformed their lives.

Teen Challenge is a structured programme, based on Christian principles, and has a men’s centre in Fyvie and a women’s centre, Benaiah, near Mintlaw.

The programme combines a mixture of class-based studies and practical workshops, which equip students with a range of skills in, for example, cooking, bricklaying, carpentry, painting and decorating, gardening, plumbing, electrical and administration.

After completing the programme, the graduates continue to receive support from the charity in, for example, establishing homes, career and further education opportunities, and finance management.

People from across the North-east have completed the programme at the centres and this mission trip will raise awareness of the exceptional work carried out by the organisation in helping men and women who have developed life controlling problems - and let local people who are struggling know that there’s help out there.

Paul Innes, Outreach Co-ordinator for Teen Challenge North East Scotland, said: “We were delighted to welcome the team from the TC:UK School of Ministry to the North-east.

“The group - which composed of individuals who have overcome battles with addiction and completed the Teen Challenge recovery program - hosted a range of events to make contact with local people hurting or struggling with addiction.

“The Peterhead event was an exceptional success, with the team sharing their inspirational, life-changing stories and talking with individuals about their experiences.

“The group inspired attendees through providing them with an insight into the opportunities available to them for a future with better prospects.”