Supermarket urged to consider town

Local MSP Stewart Stevenson says he is encouraged by a response he has received from the chief executive of Sainsbury’s supermarket that the company would be interested in locating in Peterhead “should the right site come forward”.

The SNP MSP had written to Sainsbury’s asking them to consider locating in the town when the company next considers its expansion plans.

The response from Sainsbury’s indicated that the company had previously looked at Peterhead as an option but felt there were no suitable sites.

With the recent closure of Focus and the continued non-development of the Kirkburn Mill site, Mr Stevenson now believes the time is right for Peterhead to be looked at again.

Writing to Mr Stevenson, Sainsbury’s chief executive Justin King said: “We consider every opportunity and should the right site come forward in Peterhead we would happily explore this but at present we believe there are no feasible sites for a supermarket.”

Commenting, Mr Stevenson said: “I think we can take some encouragement from this because it obviously means that Sainsbury’s have indeed been looking at Peterhead as a location for a new outlet.

“While Sainsbury’s concluded that there were no suitable sites available, things have moved on with the closure of Focus, that may be one potential site.

“Aldi seem to be reluctant to develop the former Kirkburn Mill site and may be amenable to selling the site on to someone who actually wants to do business in Peterhead.

“So I think there are a number of possibilities which need to be explored and, to that end, I have asked the council’s Economic Development Department to make early contact with Sainsbury’s to discuss possible options.”