Strichen hoteliers lose over 11 stone together

Christine Knight has embarked on weight loss with her mum, Elaine.
Christine Knight has embarked on weight loss with her mum, Elaine.
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Fraserburgh woman Christine Knight has lost over six stone with the support of her mum, Elaine, who has lost over four stone.

Bride-to-be Christine Knight lost the weight ahead of her wedding and says she is looking forward to buying her wedding dress – which will be five sizes smaller than it would have been only a year ago.

Christine, 28, is a chef at the White Horse Hotel in Strichen, which is run by her mum and dad Elaine and Charlie. Christine said she enjoyed her food, but was feeling old and miserable at a size 22.

Luckily for Christine, her mum Elaine was also fed up with feeling overweight and so they decided to join Scottish Slimmers together.

The women, who have lost over 11 stone between them, are looking forward to Christine’s wedding in June at the White Horse.

Commenting, Christine said: “When I was pregnant, I really did eat for two – and couldn’t lose the weight afterwards.

“But when my 8 year old daughter told me I would need a new bath as I was too fat to fit into ours, it was a real eye opener.”

Elaine, who is determined to lose a few more stones before her daughter’s wedding, commented: “I had had to ask for an extension for an airplane seatbelt and that was the final straw.”

“I am so proud of Christine, she looks fantastic and will be a beautiful bride,” she added.

Christine and Elaine attend Scottish Slimmers at the Dalrymple Hall, Fraserburgh, which is held at 6pm on Mondays.