St Fergus dancer is one to watch

Dancing queen: Hollie picks up trophies at competitions across the UK.
Dancing queen: Hollie picks up trophies at competitions across the UK.

Young dancer, Hollie Duthie, entered her first dancing competition nine months ago and has since then proved that she is definitely one to watch.

Hollie who is 9 attends St Fergus primary school and began dance classes at the end of January this year with the Fiona Quilietti School of Dance, she is under the supervision of Stephanie Donaldson almost every night of the week when she isn’t at classes in Edinburgh.

Since her first competition in March, Hollie has been impressing judges up and down the country collecting an abundance of trophies on the way.

Her most recent win was at the European Championships last week, where the young dancer shone, picking up a first for both Solo and Slow, as well as winning Overall in her section.

Her mum, Stacey, can’t believe how quickly things have passed in these months. “It’s been non-stop,” she said.

“Hollie has progressed so well with her dancing, she’s moved up extremely quickly and is now dancing at Intermediate level - the highest in her section. There hasn’t been one competition when she’s came home empty-handed.

“She only began Slow dancing in June and has only danced three competitions at intermediate level, so to win a first in Slow at the European Championships was amazing for her.”

Hollie and her mum travel along with the other Quilietti mums from Buchan to the competitions, she continued: “All of the mums stick together, we all cheer for each other’s kids and there is no competitiveness, we’ve got a really good supportive group.

“There are a lot of costs involved with the dancing but it can be as expensive as you make it really, it’s worth it when she’s doing so well and we don’t grudge it whatsoever, Hollie lives and breathes dancing.”

Hollie who will turn 10 later this month will move into the Under 12’s section for the Disco Kids competition at Blackpool, a title that dancers aim for throughout the year.

She said: “I’m scared about being in a bigger category and dancing against my friends.

“I think I want to be a dance teacher when I’m older, I don’t ever want to stop. I love winning trophies and I’ve made a lot of new friends.”

Hollie is looking forward to her next competition, Dancer of the Year in Hartleypool and then Disco Kids, and hopes to do well for her biggest supporters mum Stacey, dad Louis, brother Luke (11) and sister Bethany (3).