St Andrew’s Church to mark fundraising effort

On Sunday, March 30, St Andrew’s Church (Inverurie) Renovation Fund Raising Committee will celebrate the successful culmination of their four year commitment to raise £100,000 for church funds to offset the £400,000 cost of the 2010 Renovation of the Church.

Indeed, not only have they achieved their target -- they have surpassed it by raising approximately £102,000.

In April 2010 the committee commenced their fund raising campaign with a sponsored balloon launch and were amazed to discover that some of the dozens of balloons which had been sent off from St Andrew’s Church, Inverurie, had landed in Denmark and Germany.

The committee thought it appropriate to close their current campaign with another balloon event, albeit a much smaller one, on the last Sunday in March.

Each of the thirty balloons will have a member of the fund raising committee’s name on it (both past and present members), the names of the children who are part of the church’s Time Out team, as well as some individuals who have been stalwart supporters throughout the four year fund raising effort. The minister, the Reverend. T. Graeme Longmuir, has once more promised to give a prize to the person who finds the balloon that has traveled the furthest.

The committee have organised a host of events to raise funds. Recent events included an “Old Time Revival Evening” a “Spring Lunch” and as a grand finale, an evening of entertainment, Doric humour and syuperb harmonies with Inverurie Rotary Glee Club.

The committee would like to thank St Andrew’s Church congregation as well as all those outwith the Church family, for their generous and much appreciated support in helping them to raise £102,000.