Special concert launch for heritage society CD

MEMBERS of Buchan Heritage Society will be launching a new CD next month featuring the poems of JC Milne.

A special concert is being held to mark the launch of the CD on Wednesday, August 12 at 7.30pm in Mintlaw Public Hall.

Compere for the evening will the one and only Robbie Shepherd., while Robert Lovie will give a tribute to Milne.

The CD will feature many well known local artists and performers, who have banded together to record JC Milne's work.

Vi May of the Buchan Heritage Society, explained said: "It all really started from our Doric Workshops that we run at Aden Country Park for two weeks every June; I think this past one was our sixth year.

"Over the two weeks around 300 children from all over Aberdeenshire come for the day.

"The kids are divided into groups whereby one has a Scottish dance session, another has a tour round the museum and the third has a session of story telling, which inbvolved singing, listening to bothy ballads and their history and poetry all in the doric.

"We finish up for about half an hour at the end where they all come together again and we have a mini ceilidh," she said.

Some of the kids then perform on stage things they may have learned at school prior to coming or the songs and poems they have had on the day and they all have a dance to finish off.

"From these sessions, we discovered that many of the children who were not natural Doric speakers and wanted to learn often did not hear the natural Doric word and many of the teachers were not natural speakers either, so this was a way we, the society, could keep alive the poetry of J C Milne, which is unique," explained Vi.

"At the same time, it can become a useful tool in the classroom and elsewhere helping to keep our tongue alive," she added.

With the dual-aim of celebrating the work of JC Milne and keeping the Doric alive, the society embarked on making a CD of the North East poet's work.

Vi said: "As a committee, we sat down and looked through his two books of poetry and choose the poems that best fitted the artists and the most popular ones.

"All of the artists are closely connected with the society; Robert Lovie, Morven Sievewright, Alison McGruther and Barbara Ann Burnett have all competed at our annual festival since they were children, using the work of JC Milne.

"Little Billy Bruce, who is only seven, has competed and won for the past two years, while Taylor Dixon has competed for the past few years as well and has usually won her section.

"Geordie Smith and Gordon Easton are at the other end of the age spectrum, but they also compete at the festival and have done for many years!"

Poems and artists

O for Friday Nicht

by Alison McGruther (Elphinstone)

Tribute to JC Milne by Robert Lovie

Fut Like Folk by Robert Lovie

Dicht Yer Nib Geordie by Taylor Dixon

The Eident Loon by Morven Seivwright

Speilin Sang (Song) by Barbara Ann Burnett

Jockie by Vi May

Ower in Christian Buchan by Robbie Shepherd

Geordie Green by George Smith

O Lord Look Doon On Buchan by Barbara Ann Burnett

Geordie Wabster by John Farquhar and Billy Bruce

The Proposal by Robert Lovie

The Orra Loon ( Song) by Gordon Easton

Macdhui by Taylor Dixon

Better Deid by Morven Seivwright

Child Psychology by George Smith

Lullaby (Song) by Liz Slaven

Jamie Man Yer Unca Blate by Vi May

Tempora Matantur by Robbie Shepherd

Dominie Dandy by Alison McGruther

There's A Fairmer That I Ken O by Morven Seivwright

The Orra Loon by Robert Lovie

Rev Charles John Birnie (Fiddle Tune) by James Alexander

The Orra Loon Song arr. by G. Easton and Rev C. J. Birnie