Spare a penny?

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PETERHEAD woman Margaret Strachan has once again been raising pennies to help overseas schools which are located in deprived areas.

In July this year, £200 was sent to the Doikum School in Thailand via one of the teachers, Jai.

The children at this school were very short of books and particularly have no books about their own religion.

After consultations with the pupils the staff there decided that the best way to use the money was to put it towards books, because they can be used again and again for many years to come.

The school and the children studying at it, were very appreciative of the gifts given to them, the educational tools which they now have will help them in the future.

Teacher Jai wrote a letter to Mrs Strachan thanking her for the donation.

This is now the fourth year that Mrs Strachan, along with the help of Helen Bayliss of Creative Styles, staff and customers of Cafe Rio, M&Co staff, the pupils of PDC Peterhead Academy and other pupils, staff, friends and colleagues, will be able to send money for a computer to Sri Lanka, to a school at Mahawaskaduwa near Culutra.

The schools which is for girls have practically no resources and these computers will enhance their education and help the staff make up lessons.

The donations have been made possible by the amount of money and pennies collected. Everyone has pennies and coppers lying around the house in jars and drawers so if you have any spare coppers they can be handed in to Margaret Strachan at 5 Roanheads, Peterhead.

Mrs Strachan added: “My grandchildren are experts at counting the pennies and putting them into bags. This has all been made possible by the generosity of others so I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped in the past and who I am sure will continue to help in the future.”