Scottish Week and school traffic debated

SCOTTISH Week and school traffic were on the agenda at this month’s community council meeting at Peterhead’s Arbuthnott House.

Community councillors said that this year’s Scottish Week had been “extremely successful” and thanked members of the committee and the community for their hard work and support.

Councillors discussed the ongoing traffic problem at Buchanhaven School and suggested that ‘zig zag’ lines be painted on both sides of Hope Street to prevent school traffic from parking.

Inspector Kenny Coutts said that Grampian Police were aware of the issue and were looking into ways of combating it.

He said: “A one way system has been considered but this would present a problem for residents of Hope Street who would be inconvenienced outwith busy times.”

It was suggested that a leaflet be handed to local residents asking for their opinions on what should be done.

Meanwhile, Community Warden Ian Kennedy said that there were some concerns about litter surrounding Peterhead Academy.

He said that it may be necessary to liaise with teachers and use the annual ‘Moving on Up’ visit with primary pupils to reinforce the importance of picking up litter.

A new recycling unit at an unspecified site in Meethill could be implemented in the near future.

The exact location is unconfirmed but some concerns were raised about insurance issues and possible vandalism.