Scotland’s top midwife visits Toon

Mary Ross-Davie (front) with staff of Peterhead Maternity Unit
Mary Ross-Davie (front) with staff of Peterhead Maternity Unit

The Director of the Royal College of Midwifes in Scotland visited Peterhead Maternity Unit on Tuesday, June 13.

Mary Ross-Davie met with staff and patients to discuss maternity services.

Mary took up the post in November last year and she is currently on a tour around Scotland visiting as many maternity units as she can.

Mary said: “I wanted to come and speak to midwives, hear their concerns and provide support to ensure we can deliver high quality maternity services. In January I welcomed the Best Start Review which is a really positive direction for maternity services.

“It focuses on women getting to know their midwives. A primary will provide most of the care for women during pregnancy, during labour and after the baby is born. There will be a shift so that more midwives work out in the community providing this kind of continuity of carer.

“It’s exciting to see the addition of two birth pools here and seeing the unit become up-to-date with the best decor and equipment available.

“There is lots of research that shows that Small maternity units like Peterhead are really good and safe places to have a baby as you are nearer home and have access to a fantastic team of midwives.

“Research shows that births in units like this are more likely to be natural and there are fewer caesareans needed.”