Sandy mystery finally resolved

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BUCHANIE readers came to the rescue after a call went out to try and find a former Royal Army Ordnance Corp member who hailed from Mintlaw.

Just a day after the paper went out last week we received a phonecall from the mystery man’s grand-daughter, Abbie, whose mum had identified her father from the picture.

Unfortunately, the sad news was that Sandy had passed away around six years ago.

However, the family were still keen to get in touch with English woman Andrea Lane, who sent out the plea for information to Mintlaw Community Council secretary, Joan Whyte.

Joan emailed the Buchanie to say that Abbie’s grandmonther was still alive and would love to meet Andrea and look over photographs etc.

“Abbie has red her - like her grandfather - and her dad, Sandy’s son, is apparently the absolute image of his father,” said Joan.

“The family currently lives in Peterhead.”