Salvation Army holds time of fellowship

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ON Friday, December 31, Peterhead Salvation Army will be having at 7pm a time of fellowship and refreshments and this will be followed by worship.

The Army has announced, and friends are asked to note, that on Sunday, January 2, 2011, there is to be morning worship at the regular time of 11am but there will be no evening meeting at 6pm.

Morning worship in Old Deer Church on Sunday, January 2, is at 10.30am and will be led by the Rev. Sheila Kirk. A warm invitation and welcome is extended to all to share in this time of fellowship. There is no Sunday School that morning but crèche facilities will be available during the service.

The regular members of Cruden Parish Church congregation will be well aware of the position regarding the renovation work being carried out on their building. A reminder is given however for the benefit of other friends and visitors that the Sunday morning services at 10am are continuing to be held meantime in the Church Hall.

There has been more work involved and the adverse weather conditions have been an added problem.

On Sunday, January 2, and subject to the weather conditions, there will be a celebration of the Eucharist at 9.30am in St. Drostan’s Episcopal Church, Old Deer, led by the Rev. Richard O’ Sullivan.

Peterhead Fishermen’s Mission intimates that there will be no Night Cap held on the evening of Sunday, January 2.

The congregations throughout the Methodist Church have made a renewal of their covenant relationship with God at the start of each succeeding year.

The Annual Covenant Service held usually on the first Sunday of January stems from the earliest days of Methodism and even John Wesley himself.

The Covenant Service in Peterhead Methodist Church will be held on Sunday, January 2, commencing at 4pm – not at 3pm as has been the custom in the past. As tradition has it that this service is regarded as the main service of the day, there will be no other services, morning or evening, held that day.

New Year greetings are sent to all our readers and contributors along with the earnest prayer that God will truly bless the work and ministry of all the churches and Christian fellowships within our area.