Salmond welcomes funding awards for local groups

Aberdeenshire East MSP Alex Salmond has written to three locals groups to congratulate them on their successful applications for Big Lottery funding.

St Kane’s Pre-School Group in New Deer received £9,729 from the Communities and Families fund while Barthol Chapel School was awarded £995 and Turriff Bowling Club was given £913, both from the 2014 Communities Fund.

St Kane’s Pre-School Group have decided that they will use the funding to provide a range of activities including a playgroup, lunch club and messy play.

The project will also improve the children’s ICT skills with a new computer and camera.

The Communities and Families Fund has £4.5 million from The Scottish Government and £1.5 million from the Big Lottery Fund.

The £6 million fund offers grassroots projects the chance to get funding of between £250 and £10,000.

This fund is focused on improving early learning, health and wellbeing for children under eight years old by supporting them, their families and communities.

Mr Salmond said: “I am delighted that groups in the north-east of Scotland are benefitting from the Big Lottery Fund in a big way.

“St Kane’s Pre School Group will be able to deliver a wide range of additional activities for the children which will enhance their learning.

“Barthol Chapel School staff will use the funding for pupil transport to pool life-saving sessions – an excellent way of promoting swimming and health and safety.

Mr Salmond added: “I am very pleased that Turriff Bowling Club intends to use their funding to encourage junior members to the sport.

“It is great to see that the success of Team Scotland’s athletes such as the gold-medal winning bowlers continues to inspire others to take part in sport.”

Aileen Campbell, Minister for Children and Families, said: “I am always pleased to see the wide range of projects the Communities and Families Fund supports.

“I want Scotland to be the best place to grow up and our joint venture with the Big Lottery Fund aims to help families and communities flourish by supporting local projects that can make a big impact on improving the lives of children and families.”