Rural Partnership Funds Boost

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Aberdeenshire Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee (ISC) has given a funding boost to Rural Partnerships in the area.

Councillors have agreed to share £206,000 between Aberdeenshire’s six administrative areas, with a further £3,000 to be distributed by each area manager.

The money, from the Aberdeenshire Rural Partnership Fund, will enable rural partnerships to have stability in their financing and therefore their staff.

The amount available for rural partnerships was boosted last month when the Full Council agreed to allocate a further £60,000 on top of a budget of £146,000.

The fund pays for the partnerships to promote community economic development by helping other groups in their area with information, project implementation, community engagement, capacity building and by encouraging the collaboration of local groups to develop sustainable economic development projects.

The partnerships also assist in the community planning process and have to submit annual reports to the council.

Members of Infrastructure Services Committee agreed on Thursday, March 14 to allocate each of Aberdeenshire’s six areas £34,333 for 2013-14.

Chairman, Peter Argyle, said: “This funding will enable Rural Partnerships to continue the good work they do in Aberdeenshire promoting community economic development.

“We will also be giving the Rural Partnerships indicative funding for the following financial year, to help give them further security as far as possible.”

Vice chair, Alan Buchan, said: “The Rural Partnerships throughout the area do a valuable job in our communities, so councillors were pleased to be able to distribute this money to allow them to carry on that work.”

The committee also noted the distribution of £146,000 Rural Partnership funding in the preceding year.