Road safety question on house plan

Buchan area councillors are to consider a planning application in principle for the erection of a house and extension of pavements at a site adjacent to Logie Lodge in Crimond.

The application, from Mr and Mrs Rennie, Mill of Crimond, will go before members of the Buchan area committee when they meet in Peterhead on Tuesday.

Transport Scotland have objected to the proposal since it would result in increased traffic entering and leaving the traffic stream at the point where visibility is restricted (to the left) thus creating interference with the safety and free flow of the traffic on the trunk road.

In a report to councillors, planning chief Stephen Archer says: “In order to allow them to withdraw their objection they have requested that the visibility of the junction is improved to an appropriate standard.

“This would involve the felling of trees to the west of Logie Lodge.

“Unfortunately, this land is outwith the applicants control and there is no agreement with landowners to allow for this to be undertaken and so the issue of poor visibility cannot be resolved.

“Overall, although the proposed development complies with policy regarding housing in the countryside it cannot be supported due to the concerns raised by Transport Scotland in relation to the junction onto the Trunk road and is thus contrary to access/road safety policy.

“As a result, the application is recommended for refusal,” says Mr Archer.