Rescuer Brian talks to Probus Club members

It is your last day of your holidays and you are to catch your flight out in the late afternoon.

To while the time, you decide to do a spot of sight-seeing taking in the local cathedral as one of your stops. As you approach the doors, you see a reasonable crowd waiting to enter and it is near lunch-time, you decide to cross the road and have lunch before making your way back.

You just sit down when there is the noise of an express train coming down the street, the buildings shake, the ground trembles and then silence. Suddenly the stonework of the cathedral begins to fall to the ground both inside and out.

It is February 22, 2011 just before 1pm, Christchurch, New Zealand and the earthquake lasted one minute and 30 seconds.

This was the background to the talk given by Brian Easson, Grampian Fire Brigade, to members on Tuesday, October 23, in the Palace Hotel.

In an excellent presentation, Brian outlined his background, his training and involvement in the GFRS International Rescue Corp.

In response to disasters all over the world and with the invitation to enter countries, Brian is part of an elite group on stand-by, trained and fully equipped to respond quickly and effectively to assist rescue work wherever needed.

Members were taken through Britain’s response to events in New Zealand from the call-up. Travel out to New Zealand, the setting up of camp in Christchurch and the work done in helping the local authorities to locate missing people and to recover the dead.

As they listened about one disaster across the world, little did members realise that awaiting in the wings off the coast of America, the super-hurricane Sandy was about to launch its terrible storm across the Eastern seaboard.

The next meeting of the season takes place in the Palace Hotel on Tuesday, November 13, at 10am with the guest speaker being Neil Godsman, Longside, with a talk entitled ‘Farming in Estonia’.