Recycling centre? Not in our back yard!

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ANGRY residents of Peterhead’s Clerkhill area last week slammed proposals for the siting of a recycling centre on their doorstep.

Residents turned out in force at Wednesday’s meeting of Peterhead Community Council after hearing of plans for the possible siting of a recycling centre within the car park at the top of Clerkhill Road.

The recycling plan was the brainchild of community council treasurer Bruce Buchan, who believes the area is in need of another recycling facility.

Mr Buchan has been busy trying to find suitable locations for such a site over the past few months, but his proposal for a Clerkhill centre was firmly rejected by residents on Wednesday.

Mr Buchan told the meeting: “If you live in Clerkhill then your nearest recycling point is Asda.”

“That’s fine if you have a car, but difficult otherwise.”

However, residents hit back stating: “Clerkhill is a residential area, not a commercial one. If folk need more recycling then they can ask for extra black boxes.

“There are loads of reasons why this is a bad idea and the main one is noise, while the value of our homes would also reduce if there was a recycling centre next to them,” said a spokeswoman.

“It’s surely our human right to have a peaceful environment where we live.”

Community council secretary, Gordon Farman, told the representatives: “We have spoken to a few of you and my view is very much that if the local people do not want it then we should say no.”

Mr Buchan said he understood the residents’ concerns and the purpose of the exercise was to gauge their feelings on the matter.

Community council vice-chairman, Graham Barron, added: “I think you’ve all made it loud and clear that you do not want a recycling point.”