Rag bag for Christian Aid Week

Lorriane Watt and Linda Reid from the Salvation Army
Lorriane Watt and Linda Reid from the Salvation Army

Peterhead’s Salvation Army have been collecting goods for Christian Aid Week.

A group of women from local churches have managed to raise more than £500 after their rag bag collection.

There were 90 heavy bags handed in by the members of the public containing various items.

Lorraine Watt from Peterhead’s Salvation Army said: “We are delighted and had a really good day. We will definitely be holding it again next year as part of Christian Aid week. The people of Peterhead are always very generous but we still can’t believe how much we have managed to raise.”

The rag bags are taken to a recycling plant in Glasgow were they are sorted into reusable and recyclable goods which are then used to make other products. Goods were brought by members of the public to the Salvation Army hall in the town centre. Fundraisers collected goods from early on Monday until almost 6pm that day.