RAF accused of “bullying” over Boddam road

Gordon Avenue, Boddam.
Gordon Avenue, Boddam.

A number of Boddam residents have accused the RAF and a local community group of “bullying” as the pair attempt to reopen a road against the public’s will.

A petition has been set up by local home owners to stop the RAF and Boddam and District Community Association reopening the Shielings road at Gordon Avenue.

Stan Smith, who started the petition, said: “We want it to stay closed. They’ve not asked us, they’ve not asked the community.”

The petition, on GoPetition, states: “The home owners are concerned that their houses will be devalued due to no longer being a cul-de-sac and as the road is partially owned by the home owners they would have to foot the bill for the damage to the road due to the excess traffic using it.

“Residents are also worried about increased noise and air pollution, the safety of children that live there and the public being in danger due to the junction having no road markings and being too narrow.”

Banff and Buchan MP, Dr Eilidh Whiteford, has written to the Secretary of State for Defence asking for clarity on the issue.

Dr Whiteford asks in her letter what interest the RAF retains in the road considering it moved out of Boddam many years ago and also what consultations were carried out with the home owners.

An MoD spokesperson said: “Defence Estates, now theDIO, sold a building plot in Gordon Avenue, Boddam, in 2007 and the purchaser built a new detached house shortly thereafter with fencing being erected around the plot while the house was being constructed.

“Conditions of the sale of this plot were clearly listed in a Deed of Conditions, with a particular condition being that the road alongside the property was “to be kept open and unbuilt on in all time coming”.

“The road in question remains blocked some five years after the house was completed, this is in clear violation of the Deed of Conditions and also in breach of the planning consent granted by the council.