Pupils tackle Buchanhaven Beast

Deep in concentration during the Beast race.
Deep in concentration during the Beast race.

Buchanhaven Primary pupils hosted their very own version of a 'Tough Mudder' recently when they took part in the Buchanhaven Beast race.

The first of its kind for any primary school in Peterhead, pupils had to take on an assault course and complete an afternoon of non-stop physical exercise and activity.

Getting down under the netting.

Getting down under the netting.

For Nursery - P2 pupils their challenge was to attempt the ‘Baby Beast’ which was an indoor assault course comprising of hoop mazes, hurdles, the climbing frame, the parachute and lots more! The P4-P7 pupils were set the target of defeating the full Beast course which was an outdoor assault course and then five additional zones that they had to work through. P3 pupils were given the opportunity to choose which assault course they tackled.

The pupils taking on the big Beast course began their afternoon the warm-up zone which helped them prepare for the busy afternoon ahead! They then took their place at the starting line for the assault course.

To compete the course pupils had to run through 150 tyres, bunny hop benches, jump gymnastic vaults, crawl through net tunnels, climb and jump over hay bales, find their way out of a pallet maze, pull themselves through tunnels, complete the adventure trim trail (avoiding the hanging water balloons), scale the wooden wall, travel through paddling pools before slip and sliding their way to the finish line along a tarpaulin - not an easy task!

Pupils then worked their way through zone two which was the athletics section, zone three which was the dance zone, zone four which consisted of shuttle runs and running activities before ending up in zone five which was the water and danger zone.

Tackling the hay bales as part of the tricky course.

Tackling the hay bales as part of the tricky course.

The pupils showed great determination, enthusiasm and perseverance and gave it their all as they attempted to defeat the beast.

Lots of parents, carers, friends and family came along to the event to spectate, support, cheer and encourage our pupils as they tackled each activity. At the end of the afternoon, after the pupils had shown them how it was done, some of the very brave staff, parents and carers decided that the pupils weren’t going to have all the fun and attempted the course themselves.

All pupils and adults who attempted the indoor or outdoor courses were given a wrist band to remind them of their time at the Buchanhaven Beast.

Before completing the race, pupils were asked to collect sponsors for the event and the final total of donations came to an astonishing £5,600 but pupils certainly had to work for their money during the afternoon!

Parent Yvonne Buchan, who was one of the helpers during the afternoon said: “As a parent helper I can honestly say that Buchanhaven Beast was certainly a day to remember for our school. It was great to see the camaraderie of all the children and their teachers, joining in together, having fun and creating great memories.”

Buchanhaven School would like to thank all parents and carers for supporting the event and being so generous with their sponsor donations. The money raised will go towards Christmas events in the school and towards improving facilities for pupils to use while learning.

The school would like to say a special thanks to the parents, carers and friends of Buchanhaven who donated items to use during the race and to the volunteers who came along to set up and help during the event.