Pupils meet Superheroes of the community

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As part of their superhero topic in class, pupils of P3/4 t Dales Park School in Peterhead have been learning about superheroes, including those from movies and superheroes of the past such as Nelson Mandela, Amelia Earhart, Christopher Columbus, Florence Nightingale and Martin Luther King.

One strand of this topic was superheroes of​ the community. ​

As part of this, the youngsters had some special guests in class and the children really enjoyed it.

For their writing, they put together the following article:

One beautiful morning, we were speaking about what we did at the weekend.

Suddenly the Coastguards came in. Their names were Craig and Gordon. They looked very cool. They were wearing white shirts, black trousers, black shoes and black ties and they had badges on their shoulders.

They taught us about waves, flares, bombs, cliffs and how to be safe near water.

They showed us the vehicle they use to go to emergencies, their equipment and some pictures of the helicopters and shipwrecks and showed us how to work their equipment.

We used the walkie-talkie to speak to the office in Aberdeen.

We got some special presents from Craig and Gordon.

Finally, they let us sit in the front of the vehicle and get some pictures. We loved having them in to visit.

Later, in the afternoon, Finley’s dad Gary came to visit us.

He is a Fireman in Peterhead.

We learned about the equipment that fire-fighters use to protect themselves from fires.

He showed us his helmet and his suit. He let us try on his jacket and trousers but they were too big and heavy for us so they fell down on us.

He told us to check our fire alarms at home and ask someone at home what to do if there’s a fire.

Most importantly, he told if there’s a fire, don’t panic at all!

We think he is the best Fireman.