Pupils ‘ festive gifts for soldiers

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PUPils at Peterhead’s Dales Park Primary School wrapped up shoeboxes full of gifts and sent them off to soldiers on duty in Helmand Province last week.

The primary seven pupils of teacher Mrs Sheal, have been learning all about World War 2 and what the war is like today, as well as being in contact with the Irish Rangers, one of the regiments in Afghanistan.

The soldiers, who are currently based in Camp Bastion, will be given their packages in time for festivities, and pupils are hoping that their gifts go to soldiers who may not have a loving family at home to receive gifts from.

Two pupils told the Buchanie what kind of things they’ve been including in their parcels.

“We’ve been putting in things like sweeties, crisps, washing things, toiletries, games, balloons, socks and Christmas cards.

“Although we are the main primary taking part the rest of the school has helped put in donations as well.

“About 20 boxes have been collected for the soldiers and will be put to the office to get sent away.

“We hope that soldiers who maybe don’t have family or have been injured get the parcels to cheer them up and let them know that others are thinking about them.”

Mrs Sheal thought it was a good way to make the pupils realise that there’s a lot more to war than what’s shown on the television.

“It’s good to make the children aware that the war is still ongoing, and it’s not a thing of the past.

“It also keeps them up-to-date with current affairs. The regiment that we have contact with have been haven’t been able to get back to us at the moment because they’re in the thick of it just now.

“It makes you realise how much danger they’re putting themselves into.”