Pupil raise cash for the guide dogs

Dress down success: Katelynne hosts the most successful Dress Down Day yet.
Dress down success: Katelynne hosts the most successful Dress Down Day yet.

A PETERHEAD Academy student has helped make a difference to Buchan’s very own branch of the Guide Dogs.

16-year-old Katelynne Russell, who is also an ASDAN pupil at the school, decided to hold a Dress Down Day for the charity dedicated to Guide Dogs and was overwhelmed by the impact her appeal made to the pupils.

Raising £644.46 - the highest amount ever to be raised by a Dress Down Day - pupils put on their bright clothing and donated money to collectors, which included organiser Katelynne, Claire Burnett, Erica Hay, Emma Hastie, Larua Chalk, Ryan Jamison, Stuart Robertson and Emily Price.

Katelynne said she’d noticed on Facebook that branch manager Susanne McCafferty was going out of her way to raise money for the Peterhead branch of the Guide Dogs.

She told the Buchanie: “I seen various appeals on Facebook that Susanne was raising money, part of ASDAN involves fundraising and supporting things so I thought it would be a good idea to support the guide dogs. I met with Susanne and she told me her story of how she landed up with Garner and it really touched me.

“I shared the story with the class and everyone agreed it was a worthy cause.”

Suzanne who has type 2 diabetes also suffers from chordoma of the spine and is blind, took guide dog Garner into the school last week to meet with pupils.

She told the Buchanie: “It’s great for the kids here at the school, they gain an understanding of what Garner does and how guide dogs are so important.

“Garner has done a lot for me and a lot of people don’t realise the costs behind the process. Katelynne and the other ASDAN pupils have done a fantastic job and I am ecstatic about the amount they have raised.”

ASDAN teacher Elizabeth Stephen was extremely proud of what the pupils achieved.

“The amount they have raised is just fantastic,” she said.

“On Dress Down Days the school usually raises between £300 and £400 so this is a huge achievement. It’s great to get Susanne into the school so the pupils can have an understanding about the guide dogs.”