Public land plan set to go ahead

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A PETERHEAD couple want planning consent for the change of use of public open space to domestic ground and to erect a fence.

An application from Mr and Mrs A. Hay of 16 Dales View Drive, will go before members of the Buchan area committee when they meet in Peterhead later today (Tuesday).

The couple want the go-ahead to change of use of around 44 sqm of public open space to domestic ground to the west of their home. A 1.8m high screen fence will be erected around the area of open space to the west and south.

In a report to today’s meeting, director of infrastructure services, Stephen Archer, says: “The area to be converted into garden ground, due to its size and location, has very limited recreational, amenity or environmental value within the surrounding area.

“The area of open space is not highly visible in the surrounding area, being bounded by large hedging and the existing dwelling does not feature as a significant element.

“The open aspect of the path will also be maintained due to the path and grass hedge on the opposite side of path being retained as part of the wider visual aspects of the development.”

Mr Archer continues: “While the proposal will result in the loss of a small area of open space, the development is considered acceptable in this instance and the Planning Service is of the view that the development would set an undesirable precedent due to the specific nature of the application site in this case.

“Landscape Services have also commented and indicated that confirmed that they have no objections to the proposal or the slight loss of the amenity area.

“The Planning Service has considered the comments submitted by Peterhead Community Council and generally agree with their sentiments, however, it is not considered that the area in question has significant merit in terms of the function it could serve, and as a result could therefore be changed into private garden ground with little impact upon the wider area.

“The loss of open space is therefore considered acceptable in this instance, and will not detract from the visual amenity of the surrounding area.

“As such it is considered that a departure from the development plan is acceptable in this case as the overall aims of the open space policy will not be compromised by allowing this development to proceed.

Members will be recommended to grant planning permission, subject to a number of conditions.