Probus Club members hear about life at sea

Travelling across the globe to seek job opportunities is faced by families on a daily basis, with the aid of modern technology, communication over long distances is no object.

In the 1950s, families going to Australia left Scotland and apart from the occasional air-mail and Christmas card, that was the last to be seen of them!

Job opportunities abroad mean that more people experience foreign travel on a daily basis than ever before.

Probus members welcomed Alasdair McRae, retired master mariner on Tuesday, October 28, to give members a flavour of what life was like for an Oil Tanker captain.

Having been to Probus as a previous guest, Ali supplied members with his biographical details from his birth in Glasgow, moving to the West Coast and schooling at Stornoway, having the ambition to become a radio operator, training and passing the various examinations to achieve a Masters’ Ticket, a proud achievement indeed.

Then after retirement at sea, his experience with offshore installations and oil spill responses.

It was his experiences at sea which were the main focus of his talk and with the aid of a short BBC film, ‘Land’s End for Orders’, Ali explained what happened on a typical oil tanker journey from the Persian Gulf to Rotterdam.

At various points in the film, Ali added personal information so that members were given a glimpse into the sea-going world of BP tankers in the 1970s.

The story of an individual’s life experiences are always thought-provoking, and members are grateful to be given this opportunity.

Hugh Livingston, President, thanked Alasdair very much for taking the time and effort to speak to members.

The next meeting is on Tuesday, November 11, at 10am in the Palace Hotel with the speaker being Dick Hardie.