Port donates box sale cash

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Peterhead Port Authority has donated £1,000 to charity through the sale of the first box at the new fishmarket.

The Lifeboat and the Fishermen’s Mission both received £500 from new chief executive Simon Brebner last week.

He told the Buchanie: “Being a Merchant seaman myself, as well living along the coast for most of my life both in South Africa and in the UK, I have come into contact with both these wonderful organisations.

“The Mission plays a vital role in many aspects of modern day life, which can be extremely challenging for seame, for example providing a lifeline to seamen stranded in foreign ports or simply providing the space to relax and a listening ear.

“The RNLI is another wonderful charity which is run by volunteers whose roles are many - the main one being to saves life at sea although they provide safety training, education and much more.”