Popular book on Pitfour estate is back on sale

The cover of the popular book
The cover of the popular book

The Buchan Field Club has announced that its popular book ‘The Blenheim of the North’ is back on sale again.

The book, written by Alex R. Buchan, delves into the history of the Pitfour estate at Mintlaw.

The book was first made available back in 2008 and proved to be a huge success, prompting more copies to be released nine years later.

Purchased by James Ferguson of Badifurrow in 1700, four successive Ferguson lairds developed the Pitfour estate until it covered 50 square miles.

Around the original house, itself rebuilt and enlarged several times, the landscape was hugely remodelled to incorporate an artificial lake.

As well as gardens, classical “temples” and rustic ruined follies, the estate’s substantial buildings included stables, kennels, dairy and chapel.

The third laird built a canal in the hopes of shipping agricultural produce from the Pitfour estate to Peterhead.

The scale of all this estate development, in contrast with its neighbours in the rest of Buchan, has led to the description of Pitfour as “the Blenheim of the North”.

As well as bringing the achievements of the Fergusons of Pitfour to a wider audience, the book will serve as a guidebook to those who want to see what remains today.

The book is available at the Happy Plant Garden Centre in Mintlaw, Donalds in Peterhead and R&S Dyga in Fraserburgh priced at £10.