Windy Blue Toon no place for ‘flimsy’ recycling bins

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A Peterhead resident has slammed the new blue-lid recycling bins issued by Aberdeenshire Clouncil as ‘flimsy’ and pointless in the windy Blue Toon.

The gentleman, who does not wish to be named, wrote to us last week criticising the new bins which, he said, stood no chance against the blustery conditions.

He said that his bin was not emptied in the last round of collections, for whatever reason, but that its contents were strewn all across the Eden Drive, West Road area due to the windy and blustery conditions.

“The blue-lidded wheelie bins in their slimmed down, lighter form stood no chance against just a regular breeze round these parts and that’s with them full!” he said.

“This was a point of concern when these ‘lighter’ bins were delivered to Customers in Peterhead. Okay for less windy locations, but not suitable at all for Peterhead and that most common of features here the wind.

“As can be imagined the bins that were not emptied just blew over and deposited their recycled waste pretty much all over the streets and in people’s gardens, something our older heavier waste bins never really did much.

“Contacting the local council was a 15-minute ordeal. Three of the four people spoken to had no idea who was even in charge of litter in Peterhead although they said that they would send someone to have a look at the ‘mess’ that had accumulated due to it being a slightly windy day.

“Indeed the council sent up a recycling truck which drove past the ‘mess’ not once but twice. All three occupants of the truck looked concerned but drove away,” he added.

Commenting on the situation, Aberdeenshire Council’s waste strategy officer, Matt Davis, said: “We have investigated options to keep the lid shut: many householders are happy to use a brick or stone on the bin lid.

“We also have elasticated straps available to hold the lid shut. These are simple to fit and free of charge.

“If anyone wishes to haveone of these straps, they should call 0845 600 3 900 to have one delivered,” added Mr Davis.