Whiteford MP slams Westminster insensitivity

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The SNP has hit out at the Westminster system’s ‘crassly insensitive’ mind-set following a revelation showing anti-independence MPs believe they deserve a salary hike to £86,250.

In the same week where MPs voted through welfare cuts which will have an adverse impact on hundreds of thousands of working families the anti-independence parties MPs have declared that they want more money from the public purse.

The survey conducted by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) showed the Tories want a whopping £96,740, the Lib Dems said they should get £78,361 and Labour MPs want to increase their pay £77,322.

Banff & Buchan MP Dr Eilidh Whiteford, the SNP’s spokesperson on Welfare, said: “The Ipsa survey reveals a crassly insensitive show of greed which is an embarrassment for the Westminster system and highlights the need for Scotland to have full responsibility for its own affairs.

“In a week where the UK government has imposed cuts to welfare benefits on the most vulnerable members in our communities - and a further £210 million set to be taken from the pockets of individuals, families and communities - this just highlights how archaic the Westminster system is.

“Whilst politicians are expecting the public sector to cope with restricted pay rises and in some cases pay freezes, and hard pressed families are being hit with benefit cuts politicians should be expected to follow the same approach

“The self-serving nature of anti-independence MPs combined with Alistair Darling’s absence from the vote against Tory cuts to Welfare this has been a dreadful week for the anti-independence campaign.

“It could scarcely be clearer that the Westminster system has its priorities all wrong and is failing to act in the interests of people in Scotland.

“Decisions over taxes and welfare in Scotland should be made by people in Scotland so that we can build the kind of country that Westminster has consistently failed to deliver.

“Only a Yes vote for an independent Scotland in next year’s referendum will give us that opportunity.”