Whiteford leads debate on welfare reform

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Banff & Buchan MP Eilidh Whiteford said urgent questions remain over funding and implementation of crisis loans and community care grants ten months before the schemes are devolved next year.

The local MP and SNP Work & Pensions spokesperson was speaking after a Parliamentary debate she led on the lifeline welfare support.

During the debate, Dr Whiteford urged the UK Government for clarity over available resources and greater detail on plans for the transition to the replacement schemes.

Dr Whiteford called on the UK Government to address the likely £5-£10million funding gap the Scottish Government will inherit following cuts to the schemes being implemented this year.

She pointed out that cuts were being made at a time of recession, when economic turbulence, financial insecurity and high unemployment made the lifeline support in even greater demand.

Dr Whiteford said: “The UK Government must provide clarity over the resources to make sure the new system can work for all those who need it.”