UK Fisheries Minister visits Toon to talk EU exit

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The UK Fisheries Minister visited Peterhead today to outline the case for leaving the EU from a fishing perspective.

George Eustice MP stated that if the UK left the EU then they would regain their “seat at the table” in North Sea quota negotiations.

He said: “The North Sea is economically the most important fishery in the UK.

“We are Europe’s largest producer of mackerel and North Sea cod and haddock are vitally important fisheries.

“However, fishing opportunities for stocks like mackerel are not even decided by the EU.”

The Minister argued that such decisions are made by an entirely separate organisation called the North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission.

He said: “Norway has a seat at the table; Iceland has a seat at the table; The Faroes has a seat at the table. But, extraordinarily, the UK, the country with the greatest interest in the North Sea is denied a seat at the table because we are a member of the EU.

“Instead, our technical experts and diplomats are reduced to whispering in the ear of an EU negotiator and hoping he doesn’t mess it up.”

Over 30 people attended the meeting with the Minister and after a show of hands at the end only one person said they would still remain in the EU, although others remained uncertain.