Traffic ban set for Blue Toon street

The landslip at Mackenzie Crescent
The landslip at Mackenzie Crescent
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Buchan councillors are to vote on whether or not to ban vehicles from Peterhead’s MacKenzie Crescent.

Members of the Buchan area committee will meet in the town on Tuesday when they will be asked to approve the move at a cost of £20,000 through a Prohibition of Vehicular Traffic Order.

The landslip at Mackenzie Crescent

The landslip at Mackenzie Crescent

A landslip occurred beneath Mackenzie Crescent, in January 2012, placing a section of the road at risk from further landslips and theroad was temporarily closed in the interests of public safety.

The council was given three possible options - 1 permanently close the road to vehicular traffic at a preliminary estimated cost of £20,000; 2 construct a bored pile wall to support the public road and allow it to reopen at an estimated cost of £200,000, or 3 re-grade the slope with a wall at bottom to fully secure the slope and reopen the road at an estimated cost of £900,000.

The Buchan Area Committee was firmly of the view that the Option 2 wastheir preferred choice and Atkins Ltd were subsequently asked to proceedwith the detailed design.

However, following completion of the detailed design the estimated project cost for the rose to £610,000 which called for a review of the worth of the project.

Consequently, the matter was referred back to the area committee in June 2013) for them to re-consider their earlier decision.

Following consideration of that report it was thecommittee continued to support the option. .

The council’s Capital Plan Group met in August 2013 and considered the matter.

However, given the cost and the scope of the benefits, it was their opinion that the scheme did not represent value for money, when compared against competing priorities within the Capital Plan.

The matter was referred to the Policy & Resources Committee and a motion to progress with Option 1 was carried by 8- 6.

The decision was referred to the full council for determination, and it agreed tosupport the decision of the P& R committee by 36 -28.

The proposed works costs amounting to £20,000 are to be funded from the Traffic and General Maintenance sections of the Buchan Area Road Maintenance Programme for 2014/15.

Members will discuss the matter when they meet in Peterhead later.