Town centre report delayed for improvement

A survey revealed residents desperately want improvements in the town centre.
A survey revealed residents desperately want improvements in the town centre.

A vital report into the future regeneration of Peterhead town centre has been delayed at the last-minute.

The HRI report will map out the key elements in a £500,000 regeneration package for Peterhead.

It had been due to go before Buchan councillors on Tuesday and thereafter go on public display later this week.

But it has been returned to Inverness-based consultants HRI for ‘improvements’.

After requesting an update on the report’s progress, Aberdeenshire Council’s regeneration and town centres manager, Christine Webster, told the Buchanie: “We have been working with the consultants on improving the reports and this has delayed the submission deadline.

“Meanwhile we have been working up projects which can be implemented and will be presenting these in April as part of an action plan for Peterhead town centre.

“It is important that a partnership is developed between the council and the community and businesses and we have also been developing this through the area managers office.”

Back in January, Buchan area manager, Chris White, told us: “Consultants, HRI, are in the final stages of producing their findings of their studies into four North Aberdeenshire towns, including Peterhead.”

Back then we revealed that HRI were considering a broad range of initiatives to tackle issues raised by residents in last year’s town centre survey.

Mark Williams, HRI director based in Peterhead, said: “The plan is using the recommendations from the Malcolm Fraser Report commissioned by the Scottish government, but these have been tailored to local areas. It’s very bespoke.”