SNP duo to represent Buchan constituencies

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Buchan will share two SNP MSP’s for the next five years as Stewart Stevenson and Gilliam Martin were voted into Holyrood.

The two candidates took 15,801 for Banff and Buchan Coast and 15,912 for Aberdeenshire Eastvotes respectively as they stormed into parliament ahead of their closest rivals - the resurgent conservatives.

Speaking after his victory Mr Stevenson said: “This is a very solid victory for the SNP.”

Mr Stevenson was claiming his seat for the third term in a row while his party ally Gillian Martin claimed her seat at the home of Scottish Government for the first time , after taking over the seat from Alex Salmond.

Ms Martin said: “I feel tremendously humbled that people put their trust in me, people I live with and people i have grown up with.”

Mr Stevenson vowed to continue doing the work he has done for the past 10 years.

He said: ““It’s about supporting the people that cast the vote.”

The Banff and Buchan Coast MSP also said he looked forward to working with Ms Martin.

He said: “I think she will be a very good neighbour in Aberdeenshire East.

“I’m sure we will work very well together and she will be a great asset to parliament.”