Shell submits plans for carbon capture plant

The blue parts indicate where the new plant will go at the Power Station
The blue parts indicate where the new plant will go at the Power Station

Plans have been submitted by Shell UK Limited for the construction of a carbon capture, compression and conditioning plant at Peterhead Power Station.

The application will go before members of the Buchan area committee when they meet in Peterhead on Tuesday.

The proposed works also involve the creation of a control room, power supply and substations, access road, workshop, drainage, waste water treatment plant, absorber and regeneration towers, storage tanks, plant and machinery.

The Peterhead CCS Project aims to demonstrate CCS technology from capture of carbon dioxide at the power station to injection into a depleted gas reservoir below the North Sea, at an industrial scale, in the UK.

The project aims to capture one million tonnes of C02 a year for ten to 15 years.

The applicants advise that the development of the Peterhead Power Station CCS project would become the first commercial scale CCS development in the UK, capturing 90 percent of emissions from the plant.

It would also be the first commercial scale gas CCS development in the world.

Members will hear that it is proposed to enhance the landscaping around the site and increase some areas of mounding.

In a report to go before Tuesday’s meeting, the council’s planning chief Stephen Archer, says that during the construction phase of the development (estimated to be around three years), it is predicted that the construction workforce will peak at approximately 600 workers.

The operation of the project will require an additional 20-30 premanent staff to those currently working at the power station.

“The project would be a major boost to Energetica’s ‘future energy’ credentials and will attract technical visitors throughout its life,” he said.

“Approval of this development will help to facilitate the delivery of a National Development where the need has been established.

“The applicants have undertaken a comprehensive assessment of the environmental impacts associated with the development and have demonstrated that, subject to satisfactory mitigation being put in place, the proposals are capably of being undertaken without harm on the surrounding environment,” he added.

Committeee members will be asked to provide their preliminary views to the full council for its consideration when determining the application on June 18 and note the recommendation that members confirm in principle their support for the approach taken regarding the application.