Residents brand road closure ‘ridiculous’

Aberdeenshire Council may move to close Mackenzie Crescent.
Aberdeenshire Council may move to close Mackenzie Crescent.

Residents of Peterhead’s Mackenzie Crescent have vowed to fight back after councillors voted to close their street.

The area was struck by a landslip back in 2012 and last week members of the Buchan Area Committee imposed a traffic ban, in line with a decision made by the full council in November.

Now residents are gearing up to formally object.

The Buchanie spoke to one couple who said they are disappointed at the decision.

Betty Duncan said: “It’s a ridiculous decision and it’s the residents who are suffering.”

Her husband, James Duncan, added: “Why should we have to put in objections? They (the councillors) represent us - they should object.

“Why should we do their job for them?

“The councillors wouldn’t like it outside their doors.”

The views of the Duncans were shared by neighbours.

One man, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “What they forget is they (the councillors) are elected.

“People here are not going to vote for anyone daft enough to have voted in favour of this.”

Many local councillors felt their hands were tied by the full council decision last year.

Standing orders prevent full council decisions being overturned within six months.

Speaking at last week’s meeting, committee chairman cllr Stuart Pratt said: “I don’t think there is anything we can do other than accept.

“It is the will of the full council.”

SNP cllr Stephen Smith spoke to the Buchanie in the wake of the decision.

He said: ““It’s important to emphasise that Tuesday’s decision doesn’t mean an end to the matter.

“I’ve been in discussions with the Deputy Leader of the Council and I’m hopeful we can still persuade Aberdeenshire Council that it has a role in offering support to the Mackenzie Crescent residents.”