Referendum signs vandalised

The vandalised No Thanks sign outside Score's Peterhead base
The vandalised No Thanks sign outside Score's Peterhead base
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Management at Score Group Plc have spoken of their disgust after their ‘No Thanks’ signs had been destroyed multiple times by vandals.

The Peterhead company have four signs in total which have been vandalised six times, as some have been attacked more than once.

Yes stickers are posted over the No Thanks sign at Score's Fraserburgh office

Yes stickers are posted over the No Thanks sign at Score's Fraserburgh office

The large signs located outside their Peterhead and Fraserburgh offices have been smashed, stolen and defaced since they were placed on Friday, September 5.

Speaking to the Buchanie they said: “We have CCTV recordings from outside our Peterhead base of three people wearing balaclavas and using sledgehammers to break our signs at 1 o’clock in the morning.

“We also have images from our Fraserburgh office of what appears to be four young women plastering Yes stickers over our sign.

“This, along with the general level of aggression we have received on social media, is absolutely disgusting and unfounded and is not welcome in the democratic society in which we live and work”

They added: “We have been receiving online abuse for the past two to three weeks about apparent staff intimidation and bullying, claims we take very seriously and they are simply not true.

“This has gone way beyond the debate - this is personal and pure hatred unfortunately.”

Score are concerned about the safety of their staff as there have already been three IED bomb threats directed at the firm in recent weeks, one of which was covered in the Buchanie and required the presence of the bomb squad.

They explained: “We can’t take these threats lightly, and seeing people masquerade on our properties wearing balaclavas in the small hours - what would have happened if a member of our staff witnessed that or approached them? What if it was a member of the public?

“We are the most visible ‘No Thanks’ target locally and we are taking flack for a point of view which is a genuine concern.

“Apparently we live in a democratic society but this is bullying at its worst and we are the victims.”

They continued: “These people don’t realise they are targeting staff at this company, they may even be related to one of them, it is almost like they are biting the hand that feeds them.

“Any members of staff that defend us just get slated for doing so.

“We feel that those who are on the fence or are voting No are terrified to say so due to aggression from the Yes side.

“We are proud of our track record and particularly proud of our Apprenticeship scheme which is the largest private scheme in Scotland.

“Our No stance on the referendum is calculated with this in mind, we do not expect to be victimised by the Yes camp for having such a genuine concern, a concern that could affect the employment and opportunities for over 1,000 local families.”