Readers have say on result of referendum

Buchanie reader Kelly O'Brien sent us this cute picture of her dog Barney
Buchanie reader Kelly O'Brien sent us this cute picture of her dog Barney

The outcome of the independence referendum will have an impact on everyone in Scotland so we asked our readers what they thought of the result.

Some were happy that Scotland will remain part of the United Kingdom, while others were disappointed that Scotland’s future will not lie directly in the hands of Scottish people.

Reader Ashleigh Fraser sent us this photo of her dog Milo

Reader Ashleigh Fraser sent us this photo of her dog Milo

Find out what they thought below:

Pete Bayliss: “It’s making me sick to my stomach watching all these no voters cheering, clapping and hugging each other in celebration of the worst day in Scotland’s history.”

Wendy Haggath: “Delighted with the turnout, gutted with the result.”

Allan Buchan: “A GREAT day for the Scottish people and the United Kingdom!”

Dylan Clarke: “Great turnout and a great result.”

Wendy Watt: “Disappointed to think we don’t believe in our country to make the change that is long overdue.”

Robert Lambie: “Democracy was the winner, ordinary people engaging in politics like never before instead of just accepting “bread and circuses”, long may it continue as the greatest enemy of democracy is apathy.

“It wasn’t the result I’d hoped for but a decision has been made and it is the responsibility of everyone to make it work for the common good.”

Dean Forman: “I respect the outcome but don’t agree with it.

“There seems to be a voice of victory from no voters when in actual fact without the yes voters there would be no offer from them. Unity was our weapon but it wasn’t to be.”

Louisa Bayliss: “I’m very disappointed that the majority did not have the belief that we live in a great country that could have had a great future as an independent country.”

Samantha Duthie: “Disappointed in the result, all we can do is just hope that Westminster live up to their promises.”

Nicola Cowie: “Most of the country is against each other, I doubt if the United Kingdom will never be united again. What kind of future will that be for everyone?”

Alexander Hepburn: “Trying to figure out why the SNP county of Aberdeenshire even said NO, that is Salmond’s own back yard.”

Kevin Waddington: “The oil revenue was the main topic of discussion in the vote for independence from both Alex Salmond and the Better Together campaign. Alex Salmond always said about there being £1.5 trill oil available for revenue.

“His own constituency, Aberdeenshire, voted against him and that constituency also has the majority of oil businesses/work force there. If you can’t even persuade your own constituents and oil workers independence is good for the country then you have no chance convincing the rest of the country.”

Stephen Calder: “The massive grassroots involvement in the Yes campaign, especially among younger voters, was very encouraging.

“I’m disappointed Yes only achieved 45% nationally, but it’s far from over. Next stage is to ensure the solemn vows made by the three Westminster leaders are fulfilled to the timetable promised. I don’t trust these politicians to deliver on their promises. I suspect we’ll be returning to this issue again, far sooner than we might think.”

Brian Peacock: “Delighted with the result of the referendum but disappointed about people’s attitudes, voting No was, and by some, still seen as unpatriotic.”