Provost opens new council headquarters

Provost Hamish Vernal and Peterhead Councillor Stuart Pratt officially open Buchan House to the public
Provost Hamish Vernal and Peterhead Councillor Stuart Pratt officially open Buchan House to the public

Aberdeenshire Council’s new Buchan headquarters were officially opened by Provost Hamish Vernal last week.

Councillor Vernal unveiled the plaque for Buchan House to mark the opening of the building last Tuesday.

However the headquarters, situated on St Peter Street, have been open to the public since May 11.

Speaking at the ceremony, Councillor Vernal said: “I am delighted to say that Buchan House is now officially open.”

He added: “It has taken three years of hard work to get councillors, officers and others together in the same building.”

A total of 11 council buildings have been closed following the completion of Buchan House, with the new premises accommodating some 232 staff from all of the former offices.

Councillor Vernal expressed the importance for this change.

He said: “All the staff have been brought together and this is important economically.

“But the most important part of this building is our service centre.

“This is where we are able to meet our staff and where the public first encounter the council headquarters.”

Also speaking at the opening of the building was chairman of the Buchan area committee, Peterhead councillor Stuart Pratt.

He said that Buchan House could only a be good thing for Peterhead.

“The headquarters will serve many benefits in the long term. It is a gateway building of Buchan centre,” he said.

Councillor Vernal then gave special thanks to the contractors of Buchan House, Robertson Construction, for building what he called ‘a modern interpretation of a civic building’.

He also expressed a warm welcome to Grampian Police and NHS staff who will be working closely within Buchan House.

Meanwhile, outwith the celebrations, Councillor Vernal launched the ‘Bring a Tin’ Appeal.

This new project in Peterhead aims to provide tins of food for those families who are less fortunate or those who are homeless.

Councillor Vernal added: “It is a sad fact that we have to do this but it is very important so please give generously.”