Peterhead town centre upgrade... what you want to see

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Members of the Buchan area committee approved the allocation of local regeneration funds for Peterhead at a recent meeting, with around £80,000 allocated for improvements to the town centre.

Works include updating and refurbishing maps and signs, cleaning of guttering and new lighting. There are also proposals to create a Refresh Fund for ideas for town centre improvements from businesses and communities.

A following £15,000 is to be spent on a MiCity smartphone app which is aimed at attracting shoppers and tourists to the area, while Dales Industrial Estate on the outskirts of town is to benefit from a £12,000 promotion injection.

The first stage in the project will be to carry out a survey of households in the area surrounding Peterhead.

Peterhead Community Council agreed last week to await the findings of the Aberdeenshire Council survey into potential town centre improvements before making its requirements known.

It also heard that the deep clean of Drummers Corner had been completed with lights fixed and other improvements made.

One member of the public suggested that attention should be paid to the planters in the area - one of which was waterlogged, filled with cigarette butts and litter - and which could pose a health risk.

Following on from our story last week, the Buchanie asked readers what improvements they would like to see in our town, and what eyesores need tackled by the local authority.

We received a mixed bag of responses, with many highlighting the former Mill site and the long-standing Chapel Street scaffolding as areas of concern.

Here are your comments:

Adrian Whalley: “It’s not necessarily money being spent on the town that will help. There’s simply just no pride in the town. From observations, it’s things like people standing outside the Peterhead Courthouse loitering, smoking, drinking alcohol etc. that let the town down. Of course, regeneration of shops, facilities and services would make a massive difference. Would love to see Peterhead back to the town it was 20 years ago.”

Linda Garland: “Aldi site and car park where flats were on St Peter Street is just an eyesore and it’s what you see when first entering the town.”

Irene Duff: “I wish there was some cash available for the Clerkhill shops. Surely if town centre gutters etc are being taken taken care of there could be money spent in Clerkhill. Clerkhill is a well used shopping centre after all.”

Craig Wyness: “If there are no intentions to attract a business to the site, the old mill ground should at least be landscaped and seeded. A path through the middle and benches.”

Lara Brown: “The path from the harbour along to the marina behind Fresh Catch could look lovely, with some benches etc. It is used by many people but it looks terrible, I have seen visitors to the area walk along to watch the boats arrive and get a good look at the bay. There should be more bins and dog poop bins as that is a big problem. Also at the Broad Street entrance to Rose Street, it should be landscaped to make it not look so bad, maybe some flower beds and community veg raised bed and benches would take more of the public down that end of the town. Recycling bins like they have in Aden Park would be fab too.”

Linda Forman: “The town looks really grubby. The mess where Aldi was supposed to go is not a great look as you enter the town, with boarded up shops and dog mess on every pavement.”

Alex Geddes: “I think before there’s a rush, community planning needs to get involved as often a few vocal folks are heard only and the real nuggets are from the folk who do not like to put themselves forward. By using the planning process the “public can voice their wishes” then it’s the role of the councillors, after all they are there because of the public to represent “their” wishes. So good to see but hopefully it will be properly planned and measured.”

Wendy Cameron: “There should be a public toilet block in a prominent place.”

Barbara Brand: “Get clear of that unsightly scaffolding on Chapel Street. It is one of the main streets in the town.”

Petra Campbell-Groat: “Reduce rates for three years on premises to get new retailers established. Buses to stop/pick up at Interchange only or return it to car park. Re-introduce traffic and parking on Chapel Street.”

Deborah Harding: “Dog mess and chewing gum are everywhere.”

Paul Morgan: “Stop taxis parking wherever and anywhere they want. If it was normal people doing it we would all get tickets.

And final word goes to Pete Bayliss who said: “CCTV!”