Peterhead Community Council set to dissolve

John Brownlee, chair of Peterhead Community Council
John Brownlee, chair of Peterhead Community Council

Peterhead Community Council could be dissolved next month due to a lack of interest from people in the town.

The Community Council is due to hold a Special Meeting on August 17 to consider the dissolution of the group under Section 17.1 of the Constitution - that being lack of interest within the local community.

The council is allowed up to 20 members but currently only has 10 and recent attempts to bring more people on board have proven fruitless.

John Brownlee, Chair of the Peterhead Community Council, said: “We put an article in the paper a couple of weeks back asking people to come forward and no-one came forward.

“We feel that there is no interest in the community for us to continue ad if no-one comes forward then we will dissolve the community council.”

Whoever attends the meeting at the Conference Room at Peterhead Academy at 6.30 pm will have a vote on whether the council is dissolved or not - with three quarters of the vote needed for it to cease.

However if there is a turnout in favour of the community council then it will continue.

Mr Brownlee said: “We only need three or four people to come forward, we don’t need hundreds.”