Nazi U-Boat discovered off Buchan coastline

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A NAZI submarine which sank more than 70 years ago has been discovered by divers off the coast of Collieston.

The German U-1206 was sunk by its own crew in the final days of World War II, after a malfunction beneath the sub’s toilet caused a gas leak.

But now a team of local divers are celebrating after locating the U-boat after 12 years of searching.

Jim Burke, who led the team, said: “We are absolutely delighted. We have been searching for this for 12 years and now we’ve fi nally found her.”

The Buchan Divers team took to the waters early on Sunday, after discovering new information about the sub’s whereabouts.

To their delight, the five strong team discovered the wreck 11 miles off the coast of Collieston, at a depth of 280ft.

Captain Karl-Adolf Schlitt was forced to surface the U-1206 on April 14 1945, after the on-board toilet malfunctioned.

It is believed that a member of the 50 strong crew accidentally opened the wrong valve when attempting to flush the toilet, flooding the vessel’s batteries and causing a leak of toxic chlorine gas.

On surfacing, the U-1206 was bombed by British patrols and Captain Schlitt had no choice but to scuttle the vessel.

One crew member was killed in the attack, a further two drowned and the remaining 27 were captured by the Allies.