MSP calls for action on A90

The Toll of Birness
The Toll of Birness

A North East MSP has made a renewed appeal for action to improve road safety on the A90 following another road traffic collision.

Four vehicles collided at the Toll of Birness on Tuesday, October 25.

Scottish Conservative MSP Peter Chapman gave his backing to a local campaign to dual the A90 carriageway between Ellon and Peterhead prior to the Holyrood election in May.

Regional transport partnership Nestrans has looked at a number of options to improve links between Aberdeen, Peterhead and Fraserburgh, including rail and road upgrades.

Mr Chapman said: “On this occasion, we are fortunate there was not a fatality, but we know that far too often, these accidents result in the death of drivers or passengers.

“I think there a range of factors at play, including driver education and speed awareness, but an upgrade to the A90 road between Ellon and Peterhead would certainly help.

“I said during the lead-up to the Holyrood election that I would back my party colleague Gillian Owen’s local ‘Why stop at Ellon?’ campaign.

“Dualling the road would cut down on accidents, but would also crucially improve journey times for commuters and freight heading from our north east ports of Fraserburgh and Peterhead down south.”

Mr Chapman added: “I know that Aberdeenshire Council and Nestrans are looking into this, but given the poor funding settlement for local councils in the north east, it will require Scottish Government intervention to get this off the ground.”